Quang Ninh is one of the biggest deep seaports in Vietnam, of which is among one of Synergy Supply Point.

As this was the 1st Covid Positive supply case in Vietnam, we were tasked with various bureaucracy coordination ( Petrolimex B12, Quang Ninh Province Immigration, International Health Quarantine Centre, Quang Ninh Port Authority) for approvals, custom clearance and cargo loading.  

Zero contact bunkering Procedures of a COVID-19 case vessel in Vietnam:

  1. PCR test result negative before going on boards (surveyor, ship agent, all crews)
  2. The bunker station must be disinfected before and after operation including flanges, ends of bunker hoses, valve handles, handrails, platforms, gangways.
  3. Social distancing at least 2 meters, no physical contact should be made during bunkering between barge officers and C/E or crews of vessels.
  4. All bunker crew always wore PPEs including face mask, goggles, and gloves.
  5. Sample bottles and sample drip equipment must be disinfected before and after bunkering.
  6. Bunker Hose hoisted over to Vessel for crew to fit into their bunker tank manifold.
  7. Owner appointed surveyor to perform pre-bunkering sounding and post bunkering sounding of bunker barge. Agent signed on BDN upon receipt of Surveyor Bunker Quantity Surveyor Report.
  8. Bunker barge crews to be quarantined for T+7 days, performed ART Swap Test and confirmed negative prior to release for next order.

“Smooth seas do not make skilful sailors.”  By African Proverb

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